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In darkness, how she wanes and pulls Upon the weary salted tide, A sweet celestial body found Upon the lucid pinpricked sky;The faded morning’s shallow lightLeaves her shadow hovering,Silver shifting crescent moon,Cradled weight of gravity. 
TO ARTEMIS   Artemis, virgin goddess,  Shrewd and warrior-hearted, Hunter who is second to none, Stag sniper, with a glistening golden rifle,
Imagine us Under the moon We ignore its beauty Artemis gives light   In our days of old Respect was common The moon is our companion Not just a figure, but a friend  
They all ask, so go ahead.  She always knows it's coming.   "How does it feel?" It's always snickered, under breath. Like the brittle bones of their cowardice
I tell the tale of a family violent and free and unpredictable  No soul would believe they existed in our everyday lives 
  Where have the Old Gods gone?   Athena walks around college campuses Books in her bag And a switchblade under her tongue
Olympic queen of bow and arrow Artemis draws and releases Target red, thirty meters Breathe, anticipation  Wishing it onwards In search of gold Pierces true Hear the Cheers
I am alive My mother, she fought to bring me To the world, a small writing mass And yet from first breath, I aided Her, a lone child and her mother And soon after labor, a brother I am the hunt
you don't wanna cross my bow or come near my arrow. if i hear you insult my skill you'll drop like a sparrow.   but words aren't the worst. it's your eyes that are my concern.
Feminist or Feminazi?  No one knows the answer.  For the truth is, no one bothered to look any deeper. Instead, they look at her and smirk and sneer in disgust, Unaware of her stature as a high-ranking goddess. 
Artemis  doesn’t actually care if you’re celibate.   She protects virgin girls, yes, but also women (and men)
Apollo has sent his horses to rest Artemis has come out to dance So close your eyes It’s time to sleep But don’t forget to Pray to the Gods to watch over you As you sleep in blissful peace
Dear Artemis, Stop blocking the TV, And leave me be. I just want to write my poems And listen to music on my headphones.
I'm sorry my fellow hunter, I'm sorry.   Even though we had cared for each other. Even though you had cherished me. It was I who killed you.   I'm sorry for my brother's jealousy.
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