ftm. transgender

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Knees to chest, heavy breathing fills the stallTears dried, his imprinted cheek stings.The air feels thicker breathing in through a compressed chest, but it slowly starts feeling natural.
To the person I was, the person I am, and the person I someday hope to be. To the person I carved out of my skin Out of my head to give it more room
And when I gaze upon it: its beautifulLovely curvesSmall breastsDelicate waistRound faceOne secret: It kills every part of my authenticity Makes me feeldistant from myselfdirty that it belongs to mewrong to want any differentTwo secrets: It defeat
Dresses, skirts, and tights: They hurt me but they make you smile. I don't know how to tell you that I don't like 'girly things' but your smile is worth almost any pain. Bring on the dresses, tights, and skirts.   
Is it wrong to wanna be something im not To desire a change of appearance Because im not happy with what i got Is it wrong to wanna be something im not To become depressed by my reflection
  Who am I? What am I? I have questioned myself since I could talk I was given this identity from the day I was able to walk My father calls me daddies little girl
rushing golden waters fill my skin and change it to something new,           but it is what i have longed for all my life. losing daughters could just mean gaining sons who shine with the light of a thousand stars.
Inside her body is a person thriving to come out, Just a person? No, a boy. Assigned the opposite symbol on his birth certificate, They got him in the wrong.
Nicholas I am proud, but I am self conscious  I am flamboyant, but I am anxious Uncle of Davion and D’Andre, two unknowing souls Lover of arts, nature, and free spirited ones
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