short poems

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Secluded in the corner of a dusty attic, Are things that may be best left static. Secrets left undiscovered and unknown,  Things that cannot be atoned.  Who knows what will be found?    
Town Boy and Town RabbitPoem He comes stomping on the town, Knowing where to go and what to seek, He has a favor for the town rabbit, But, the town rabbit fear not, Chased away far but scared,
Poem A town full of sunflower. Growing till the rainy showers. Fascinated by the looks. Instead reading the books A town full of  sunflowers. 
Where are you my sweet man? The sun is in my eyes and the air nips at my collarbones.  Oh love, I miss this morning’s kiss.     
My greatest endeavor is your heart forever the love for you is no kind of pressure From the very fist date, I knew it was fate You, papi, are my forever soul mate.
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