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Chill or KILL I've Had My Fill ... of Those Who Want To Test My Will ... !!! I Chill These Days Cos' People Prey ... Like RAIN FILLED Clouds In Skies of Grey ...
I've never been fond of the cold days although i like staying in where it's warm and safe but sometimes  i need  freedom on the cold days especially I need adventure
My Ars Poetica: A Different Kind of Animal  Nothing turns a stomach               like the rancid aura that                              cradles the furry carcass of a life that once was.
Chilling.   Dreams of today turn To inspiration of tomorrow.   Friends of today turn
That dark cold night, the rain did splatter on the dim windows, 'pitter-patter.' The creaky old cabin 'neath the willows groans and moans and wobbles and billows.   What there is to say haunts to the core
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