another freestyle poem

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im falling into the dirt so fast into a puddle and i made a splash and a ripple
fuck a duck for a buckhear it cluck and chucklook at the duck with guck from getting fuck for a buckawestruck at my luckmy luck my my luckfuck a woodchuck next after the potluck for a buckname the woodchuck Ruck Tuckhave a foursome Chuckwith me, m
Addie Addie has no fatty her hair is oh so rattyshe thinks shes a baddiei would stay away from that no fatty ratty baddie Addieshe a little more than brattyAddie she aint
I'm not an open book where people read it, and toss it aside like clothes that was just worn i'm sacred like the bibe that tells the authenticity of the truth that impacts lives til this very day
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