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Coal The PM said Is how we in Australia run. How we make money Get on our feet. Coal Said the PM Is what we need. But Mr PM What about the day When you wake up
One step to the left and,      Already dead I pull-poked the wonderings out of my head. They slimed and they slithered Into the pool To recreate moments of frivolous drool That deemed little merit
It weighed so heavy on my Daddy. The thick black coughing dust. He didn't have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Just the weight of my future, but I am his world. He wanted the brightest light for me.
Dust drifts down, and for a moment, it resembles the dance of white snow. Caused by a large boom, the dust falls and crashes into the top of houses, trees, and people. Some dust lingers in the air and shrouds everything in sight.
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