Acts of kindness

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The kindness of others has inspired me, To live my life not only for myself, To be there for people when they need me to be, And offer them well deserved help.  Too often are people fighting alone,
Outcast. Weirdo. Quiet. Boring. Just a few words to describe the boy  Who sits in the back of the class, Who sits alone at lunch and never talks.   "He's not a people person", his two popular brothers say.
           Note: This Is An Anti-Bullying Song. Please don't leave your hate in the comments. enjoy   Will this hate every end? Will they ever love again? they won't stop. they just think its funny.
Her smile Was a blooming flower A shining star Evoking happiness, beauty, and love At age 13 She was told her teeth were too big And her eyes squinted awkwardly when her face beamed  
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