You are not alone

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I look at you and want so bad To have you without shame I want to be like them  But I see you and turn away   I look at them and I see the beauty  I look at me and see imperfection
If I told you about my darknesswouldyou understand? Or, would your inability to understand give you cause to reprimand? Would you treat me differently if I told you how I really feel?
I hate myself Don’t try to convince me that There is something special Because if I look closer I see my faults Even though  I feel different It’s in my mind I can’t say  I see that I’m special Because There is nothing good about me It’s not true
I've known you for years now, but you still continue to surprise me with your kindness and wisdom.  Your words, actions, and charity have turned stubborn buds like me into beautiful blossoms.   
You are a galaxy. A collection of beautiful fragments that shine.   You are a galaxy. The planets that orbit your mind are home to brilliance.  
(As you begin to feel like you are drifting, No matter how much you keep resisting, The days just keep getting rough And you are tried, and have had enough,
I refuse I refuse to let you define me Simply because there is no defintion I am who I am I refuse to let you attack me You may not accept me but I do I do not need your approval
We were taught of depression
A charming smile melts a stoic heart, Magma cools and turns to glass, The soul fades gray and turns to ash. The chest grows cold and light falls dim, Yearning ends and passion fades, Fear and love doth wane.
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