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If I had a nickel for every embarrassing or ridiculous situation that I somehow squeezed myself into I would definitely have a few nickels. A good example would be my class trip to Washington DC when I was a junior in high school.
For Luc, because he wanted a poem about Bananas:     This poem about bananas  May seem like lots of fun  But I’d rather write a poem  About an apple, pear, or plum.   
This is Stupid, there is no point. Why am I writing, like someone will actually read this? I can only imagine, some other hopeless insomniac, at two am, HMM I WONDER WHO THIS PERSON IS
Whatever. Whatever you say. Whatever, I don't care...   Whatever that--whatever--means, he can't be bothered to care. "Whatever" he said. ARGH! Just makes me want to pull at my hair  
i don't need this boy anymore  that's what i keep telling myself   until i'm laying in darkness  buried by threadbare quilts and my own secret sadness  
 Sometimes I wonder
You're a little kid, you wouldn't understand, Yeah, Whatever Boys are meant to be like this, Yeah, Whatever And girls are meant to be like this, Yeah, Whatever Things are just the way they are,
To my desire,   As I look over these words that I’ve wasted on you, I realize that I’m only causing the forests’ destruction. Why should I care if you don’t love me?
(....hi ho.......hi ho....) (....hi ho.......hi ho....)   It's time   (....hi ho.......hi ho....)   Once again  
Blue for tears the sadness hidden inside.   Green just as emeralds vibrant  alive.    Gray dark clouds  preventing one  to enter her soul.  
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