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August 3rd, 1492.  Christopher Colombus set sail in search of something Great.  He did.    1492. Same Year, Christopher Colombus found Native Americans and named them "Indians"  
Hurt runs deep Tears are shed Hearts are torn Love is dead Try so hard Always fail Bruised and scarred Blood's red trail Makes it's mark On my heart Like a bullet,
See the butterflies fly at dawn, Catch them all before they're gone.   Some fly in shadows, Some fly in light. Some fly with ease, And some fly with might.  
Whose destination is love. YOU and you and You are my definitions. I’ve learned that I’m just in love with a concept. Life doesn’t work that way. I want the best of all; I always end up with
I believed that we wereSo in loveBecause you made me feel so sure BUT You started slipping awayand Icouldn’t do anythingBut cry. THENYOULEFT
Now we are here TODAY, And still so far away. Thinking about the PAST, And the world TODAY. See the world told me, It would never be equal. Maybe not even bilingual.
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