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  Just picture life without limits.
I live in a land where the flag speaks red A red that gives pride and shelter until my end Yet to my Friends  red Bends to displaying the Bloodshed Of their countries Living through the darkness of the dead
man, who are you? beast, what are you? woman, why are you? peace, WHERE are you?
If my heart had legs and feetIt would have run away.Projecting from my chest on beat-A simple, deft display.  
In this world, there is much hate. Is it a coincidence? Or is it fate? Years of bullying, discrimination, war, and rape How much more can we take? Peace is there, I just know it.
So many think that war is the answer, Yet is a cancer  Spell it backwards its raw  what is the cause of this nature  resources are depleting what are we meeting?
The world has loads of unwanted things Things that we think make us happy Our trust has been broken Broken like broken records our beloved Michael had done time &time again Our lives have seen enough
A heart frozen from pain and hurt can have it all melt away from the touch of love and passion, the shadow of depression can be swallowed by the light of serenity, in a dream the heart follows the path it chooses in life the mind constricts and di
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