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I'm not sick Mommy. Perhaps all the vomiting is my mind's plea, To escape this broken shell, body. The harder I heave, the greater chance of my mind's liberty. My mind is too strong to be contained by a human,
I am a semi-colon in the perfectly authoured novel of humanity. Surrounded by perfect people, living perfect lives, never knowing strife. In the arms of who they love, free to dream, 
7/17/13 The story doesn't have to end Talk me through it Show me you care Help me back   ; Do you know what this is? It's a semi colon
I see myself a vision of perfection, Regardless of what my mother says that only god is, If only god is I am god of my own self vision, Anything else is kept to myself as self imprisonment,
These Battle Scars                                                                  
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