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If Saturday's a Saturday No getting up, I'll stay Wrapped in my bed, I feel half dead "Just let me be!" I'll say * If Saturday's a Saturday I will without delay Go see my friend
Skin, Raw, Going down between legs As far as the eye can see   Sweat beads Couch creaks And time moves slow   Fornicating in what was taught to be The ultimate sin,
On a Saturday morning, I wake at nine, My stomach growls and I'm ready to dine, I smell the breakfast in the air, The smell is pleasent, but first, a prayer, I close my eyes and bow my head,
To Saturday mornings, wisps of cool air pressed softly against my skin.  The sign that soon Summer will overtake us, a promise of peace and calm rising before all others are up.
It’s Saturday. I wake up to the blaring bellows of my father And the deafening drones of my mother Demanding me to get up. When I hear the church bells Ringing, ringing, ringing, I hasten to put on my favorite aqua dress,
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