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It's one of those nights. Phantoms scratching at the window panes begging to be let in, for me to acknowledge them after being numb for so long. My lizard brain hisses
Phantoms lurk in my mind Haunting the neural networks On which I must travel They dog my thoughts They pop-up like mushrooms Sometimes beautiful and poisonous, or Tasty and cute, or
It stands just past the edge of my vision, A thought, a shadow, a fear But it’s got no ground, no provision To retain a presence so near   If all to be afraid of is fear
I scanned the ocean's surface and saw your inky dorsal fin, rising as a rigid rapier where nothing once had been. I saw you knifing through the water so far away and free. I came here seeking orcas
Nobody's seen a shadow like I, a shadow that glows only at night. From the nightly depths and shallows of the gallows this shadow does rise Not in light of the fellow, bright yellow up high in the skies
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