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Little lonely leaf knocking on the glass door with your whole feeble form  gaping at me begging for
A green leaf fell and I stood up to catch it; My breath was caught instead.   The wind managed to blow breaths to push leaves beyond
Often seen,Beneath all tree,Green feather fallen here.GentlyLyingCaringCryingBeneath all tree,Green feather here.
This Autumn I placed a leaf near my work Area on top my desk. It was red, And I thought it would be a nice small quirk, To have something I found in a leaf bed.
A beautiful, vibrant green leaf, pricked from a tree
  There is a special worth that comes in knowing
A brown leaf  in an autumn breeze
The silence of your voice speaks volumes of pain. The butterflies in my stomach have flown to such great heights. You are precious china.
It's Autumn, leaves fall, all but one. All the leaves fall fast, all but one. There is a strong breeze, but the leaf holds onto the skinny branch. The leaves fall, all but one.
Amber veins of brittle stem spread thinly through my body, serving as a fragile skeleton to structure my scarlet paper skin as I am tos't by warm soft wind.   To say I thought,
Little leaf clinging to a tree So often teased  By a cool breeze  Fearing a freeze he'd never see. Left all alone, and still so green.
She stumbled She fell She got up and she walked. She stumbled she fell She got up And she walked. She stumbled She fell And she stayed there.
When you look at a tree, With its monstrous trunk And shining emerald leaves, You see only a tree.
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