for her

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I have done everything in my power to become detached from the world. Reassuring my decision every time I stare into your eyes. My means of survival solely in the revival of your lips.
In the center of my heart She planted a tree. Happiness a branch I'd soon know. The leaves sprouting in full with no limitation to height. The roots carry the depth of how far her hands have gone.
I boarded her heart. Careful to follow the politics of comfort. Too much weight on either side & We'll surely panic. Tumbling down. Spiraling out of control. I packed light.
And when I dream of you. The pages turn. Highlighting a million and one things. All captivated by the sound we touched with our eyes. Each played in beautiful melody. I'd chase behind you.
And when I look at you. I see a thought. The supreme conviction that in spite of ourselves. We are the light that gives unselfishly to ourselves. The pieces we constantly give to each other,
And like that she became wet. Undressing before she bathed in the storm. Umbrella left home, by the door. She wanted to be cleansed. Clothes thrown to the side. Where's the fun in being dry.
I plumped down sinking back first into the middle of the cushion. Resting my arms behind my head. Thoughts of spending the rest of my life here crossed my mind. Now drifting off in thought.
Each morning she grants me the unique privilege of providing a smile on her face I know quite a bit about the simple things. To watch her walk in and delight herself with the croissant of open lips
and so many things remind me of you always of you, and you, and you i’m reminded of your hands, and the way your neck curves to meet your shoulders the way my shirt hangs off of you like its ten sizes too big
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