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Improving technology just to keep us distracted  So, we don't notice all the bullshit wrong in the world  People falling for that
Bastard son, raised by the streets with Thugs, Drugs and Guns Writing Poetry to paint a picture of my life So i can show you what i've been thru Violence, Corruption, Death I've seen it all with my two eyes
Count your blessings Not your problems Your problems can be solved Don't curse life for that
Street UniversityMath’s- money making abilityGeography- know your territory and your enemies territory too, Art of warHistory - old G’s lessons, your own mistakes are lessons too
Take care of home first, before you impress the streets  All this people telling you that they love you and that they will be there for you
Nefertiti The Queen of all Queens I call her Momma But she's a Queen to me A real example of Warrior  She gave birth to a Soldier
Time The only luxury that matters Is Time  You can become rich or broke in a matter of time  You can die too  There's nothing you can do
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