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I don't know what to believe, I don't know what's happening to me. I'm stuck in a void of past and future here. The present's overrated,  maybe it's supposed to be that way.
Dear School, I apologize for my absence today. I would never miss on purpose. But just last night, I felt I had A case of yersinia pestis.  
they cam e back this time they wanted my hands so I couldnt lay fingerprints on anything anymore no evidence of my evil  just poison from my wrists they wanted to see
When sadness finds me at the end of night,creep up my body like a lover who has forgotten the meaning of no.I pick up a novel and forget my existence.
Somedays I want to run and hide.  Somedays I want to proclaim my life.  It's somedays I feel I'm loosing my mind and other days it's all in my sight.
  Delusions of grandeur. Although,
I was a turtle. I don't remember My life as a turtle. Nor do I remember My future life as a ruler. But I say I was Because my parents said so.   My life is in the hands
The Quiet Room with its white, padded walls. Sometimes I wish they were a different colour, any colour at all. Sometimes I wish there was noise, even the most annoying noise in the world.
You're bouncing 'round my skull You're dancing in my thoughts You're stuck fast on my mind And I can't get you off You're hiding in my head And racing through my brain You're seeping through my soul
Welcome to the hospital. Where they strip you of your human rightsLike liberty and lawful due processYour right to choose, and live, and think,Then say you have Delusions of Persecution.
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