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French Vanilla, Type O, Pewdiepie LingonberryBlue Ice, Twisted Kandy, Black on BlackberryGreen Apple, Bahama Mama, even FazeBerryWhen it comes to cans, I go straight for Sour Cherry
Green, white. Wood wafts westward into my nasal wonder. Beans crack and crumble away to dust As the black lake of broken dreams Boils into blight. Creators crawl the clavier, clawing
I hear the obnoxious screech, The piercing beep, That so rudely disrupts my sleep. I lie in my bed With cloudy thoughts
Ideas stream inside my mind, The purposed ones- They retain pride. Never, no, no never die. Barricaded by the sheets Upon my mattress, intention sleeps. Caffeine laughing from upstairs,
Typing inching Eyelids tiring Heroes crying Villains dying   Sleep depriving Caffeine failing Planets burning Magic learning   Resolve crumbling Block existing.
We College Kids. We ear-buds in. We   American Dream. We hooked on caffeine. We   procrastinate. We stay up late. We   deep in debt. We overslept. We  
(written 1/25/2015) there’s always coffee in my veins and music in my ears because i can't stand the thought of not having you and
Mountain valley's rise. to quakes of dissonance, Curving in the gears beneath each watch face,
Up early in the morning to the smell of coffee Hearing the alarm go off makes me salty Stumbling over couldn't finish my dream awaken to a world that isn't what it seems rushin movements to make it on time
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