Poems from frpass

I'm on poetry.com, all poetry, hello poetry, had 8 poems in Anthology's "Boss at Christmas" in American Poetry Anthology, and "The Mailbox Lady" Eber & Weins "Beyond the sea tranquility" Anthology as my most famous poems when I get about 100 poems I'll put a book together along with my short stories and novels I'm working on...Updating Two more Anthology's "Baby Shoes" wants my short story "Rescue 911" for 2015 release, And Eber & Wein "Who's Who in American Poetry" with a complete Bio! Mailbox Lady Part 2 was selected to be in Who's Who in American Poetry Yeah! And now a 4th Poem to be published in Anthology Best of 2015 Dear Mom (May 1,2004) 1st serious poem! And 2 more anthology's from All poetry that haven't been named yet!
Caring Sharing Staring Glaring Caring and sharing gave it her all Staring and glaring was her down fall!
Caring Sharing Kindness Blindness Your very caring and sharing all Your demise was kindness, blindness fall
Bitter  comes flutter better becomes glitter gold I have been told now!
Christmas sweets There good enough to eat They make you smile For a little bit, or awhile!
I had a "Blue Morning, Blue Day" What more can I say? The Day was "Cold as Ice" It wasn't that nice "I want to know What Love is?" But that...