Poems from frpass

I'm on poetry.com, all poetry, hello poetry, had 8 poems in Anthology's "Boss at Christmas" in American Poetry Anthology, and "The Mailbox Lady" Eber & Weins "Beyond the sea tranquility" Anthology as my most famous poems when I get about 100 poems I'll put a book together along with my short stories and novels I'm working on...Updating Two more Anthology's "Baby Shoes" wants my short story "Rescue 911" for 2015 release, And Eber & Wein "Who's Who in American Poetry" with a complete Bio! Mailbox Lady Part 2 was selected to be in Who's Who in American Poetry Yeah! And now a 4th Poem to be published in Anthology Best of 2015 Dear Mom (May 1,2004) 1st serious poem! And 2 more anthology's from All poetry that haven't been named yet!
A blood bath in her closet A timid girl is she Holding a stuffed black cat And hoping for a miracle As far as the eyes can see Should I go...
Angel statue staring at her shadow What a wonderful site!
Rose buds blossom now A mother and daughter Walk slowly in woods
Broken glass in the shower Is she the next victim?     (10 words contest from picture)
I lost my face oops It's on the floor somewhere here As I reach for it!     Notes: contest 5-7-5 of a woman searching for a face on the...