Poems from Vaerlynn

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I am the daughter of a physical therapist. My family traveled every few years from place to place as I was growing up, so I do not have a hometown. I have never left the mainland U.S., though I have an interest in studying Japanese. Growing up, I was classed as an artist and received the according schooling. I write poetry the way I take pictures; it helps me to remember and to understand, and I hope that it makes a connection.
God will give you time To reflect and find your thoughts, So don't worry. He has your back And guards it well.   God will give you...
In a pauper's clothes I dance in the air Beneath the cloak of night. ~ I dream that I'm an angel And dare to touch the light.
Grin for me, darling; Bare all your teeth. Sing for me, angel; Kill me with speech. Trace the soft horizon, Then make the stars fall from...
But I am lost   in a matter of seconds; I have left those clouds   And here I am, no longer lofty; afraid of my own   shadow.
An ageless voice echoes Like light upon water; Reflection: When a mind recovers Old memories from the source.