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Hi all! I'm Sophie, but my favorite person/creative writing teacher says that I MUST go by the name "Soflow" when I do spoken word... Yes, "flow," not "flo," as in South Florida, though I do abide there. Anyway, I've written some awful junk (I can tell you that!) all my life, but now that I'm a high school senior, it's pretty good, in my opinion. I'll explain myself the same way I do on Wattpad (username iMunsterCookiez because I made it eons ago): The Rum Book is a real thing in my life, and as a journal it's beautiful. It literally stands for something I can put anything and everything into, yet the beauty of it is that it is welcome to others and their sentiments. If anything I write offends you, you're more than welcome to lecture me. Argue me. Standing up is one thing that keeps us all alive, so by all means show me a piece of yourself. Unless you're telling me that you're righter than I am. In that case, go screw yourself.
What do I do without rehab For surely the apocalypse has struck, and I must need recovery Pray give my insanity mercy Whereby lady liberty...