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Love is the essence of pure thought. There is nowhere that this thought is not. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, just beyond the outskirts of several gypsum plateaus and miles of sand. Words have always been my primary way to sort out my experiences into streams of consciousness that act as a form of self-discovery. After acquiring a degree in English, I relocated to the Catskills in order to follow my passions. The creative journey is unfolding before me and hope to help and inspire others through poetry and art. I have worked for a few years in a creative community called "Inspire Art" (a global community created by musician Sarah Fimm as a call to dreamers, thinkers, poets, artists, musicians, scientists and anyone that wants to use their talents for artistic, collaborative projects spanning various causes) and am focusing on expanding the boundaries of all I thought was possible to accomplish. With experience as an assistant director, I have since been working on projects that incorporate visuals with audio poetry to create a multi-sensory, poetic experience. As I also have a deep passion for music, I have been filming recording artists in the studio and creating visuals for instrumental albums on top of working on the release of my own poetry album. There is much in the world we can do when we work together. Love is real ~~~ www.sparklepoetess.com
Away from my body, Exiting the mental noise. I observe the feathered edge of light Surrounding these form-bearing objects. What is the...
Love is the essence of pure thought There is nowhere that this thought is not   What is it that you think you see When you gaze upon the...