Poems from Mailayasia Cheyenne Tyler

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Hey ! I am Mailayasia or Asia for short. I am super sweet, bubbly, and super outgoing.... I love writing, drawing, and dancing these things are how I express myself. I don't judge. I love reading others poem because it motivates me to write a better one.
Left at the age of 15  lost and alone with nowhere to go she fell victim to hitch-hiking
A relationship that is strong one that wasn't approved cant be foreshadowed  so dare try she gets hurt and runs away he just stand there...
She was asleep when, he walked in he pulled back the covers and the horror begin she was only 13 when this happened she told her mom, she...
Last name is Tyler Uno Hombre es Mailayasia Sweet, kind, and remarkable
                      There is this girl Abby             She is beautiful and cute     He has fell inlove