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Hey my name is Alexandra, but call me Ally. I am a poet, writer, freelance model, and an artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. I have been doing slams and open mics for about a year I was a finalist in the Youth Indie Individual Poetry Slam 2016, and was featured on CJSR the university radio station after being noticed at an open mic at Rouge Lounge on Jasper Ave. My problem lately after taking a break from the stage, is practice, speaking it out loud changing the tone and rythem it is spoken, on top of the stage fright that makes my voice shake and my legs tremble, all over again. Poetry Instagram: @alexandraspoetryinsta Personal Instagram: @allycat_____ (Facebook) Artist like page ft modeling and poetry @edmontonartistalexandra "Professional" Tumblr: http://hello-coffeeandpoetry.tumblr.com/
The darkness buried within my soul, has the capability to eat my mind whole. The words that I try and speak the actions I try and keep, are...