From Zero to Hero

Who am I- 

so quiet and shy?

Wake up,

Go to school,


What does this say about me?

Join a club

or make a friend. 

The choice is yours- for it is your time to spend.

My choice is HOSA- a high school organization.

It is a club which will provide me with a medical foundation.

The state officer application reads, "Apply."

I begin to wonder, "Why can't I?"

Is this who I am?

Is this who I can be?

Am I capable of serving Tenessee?

With newfound confidence, I make my dreams a reality.

No longer do I have to be

my former self- the old me.

I am now a leader,

A team player,

A friend.

However, this year is over

and now must end.

But before I finish, I must make this clear.

"From Zero to Hero" was the theme of this year. 

This poem is about: 


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