goddess of spring, life, lust, and vanity

how fair is thee

with hair the lightest of brown

eyes that sparkle like gold roses

lips of the purest silver

how thy beauty captures thine eye

when I see your form you startle me

goddess Zebet I am in debt with your beauty

as much as Nickolaus lusted after you

is as much as I lust for you

your eyes that shine with the light of the sun they captivate me

I worship you

when I see your hair like the purest of maple

I worship Thee

when I see those lips of the purest silver 

I worship Thee

when you took dear Nickolaus away from Raya

I dreaded thee

when you married the god dalloc and blinded him

I dreaded thee

when you vanity overcame your beauty 

I dreaded thee

when you sit in your tree overcome with fear

I pity thee

whenever you let the wind howl with your madness

I pity thee

when your hatred for your sister the goddess Riaya overcomes you

I pity thee

dear Zebet goddess of spring life lust and vanity

I dread thy worship I am in awe of your beauty

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