youthful grace


United States
38° 59' 46.86" N, 76° 58' 12.2412" W

You walk with grace,
Humble and fun,
With youth in your eyes,
Always on the run.

Ageless beauty,
From a far off land,
Filled with stories,
More plentiful than sand.

Legendary wisdom,
Shared with us all,
We value your company,
From winter till the fall.

Today we celebrate,
Another special year,
We love you more than ever,
Your heart is always near.

You help when it's needed
And love even when it's not
You correct our mistakes
Without getting to hot

You boosted our confidence
And made us strong
Your arms were always open
No matter what we did wrong

When we were down and out
You picked us up and put us back in
Even if we are antisocial
We knew that we would always have a friend

Today is a celebration for years to come
You are youthful at heart mind body and soul
No matter what ..your love ...will never ..get old!


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