i am young

i live and breath

with days to come

and time i don't need

my bones will break

with fickle force

and a constant requirement

to make a choice


in my youth,

i rose, i fell

i used mediocrity as a crutch

and made lies that i could sell

because have you ever seen a tree

blissful and unscathed

that mended your scars, your beautiful

and shaped, for you, a path


her name, a mystery

she's a wonder on her own

ruling with an iron fist

beheaded men laying by her throne

straight out of a movie script

said after a cue

she sighed, mellancholy

'i never loved you'


it's giving a woman a bone

and telling her to write a symphony

burning a meadow

and telling it you did it for the better

when you never did

and you never will

This poem is about: 
Our world


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