Mon, 03/10/2014 - 01:02 -- enre94


Life seems so long when your young

Youth has a way of smiling on everything

All things hold your attention if even for a moment

Minutes pass by like hours and you cant wait until a new opportunity

Opportunities present themselves less each moment

Moments depress your zest for everything

All things take from your joyful youth

Young memories of a long life


But I, I am the lucky one.

The one to whom youth never depared.

I still smile on everything

All things sill hold my attenion or a moment

Minutes still last for hours and I can wait for new opportunities

Opportunities, presentedless, but appreciated more each moment

Moments expess my zest for everything

All things add to my joyful youth

Young memories remain after a long life.




I am not of age, but my youth will remain even while I arrive at age's doors.

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