yours truly

Yours Truly


i love the way the air that flows through her hair

though by and by 

i love the  glimmer in her eye 

please promise this to me never set me free

her heart is of gold

my intentions are pure

the time i gave her is not lost

my heart she didnt see 

if she did she would run away from me 

my heart she sent it to me in a letter 

my heart didnt matter

i cant walk 

i cant function 

from the day she left me in the heart in the sea 

she promisesd never to forget me 

from now on 

whosoever find me 

please bind me 

or else youll find me 

trying to find me by the sea 


you promised never to leave me 

this wounded man has nothing more to say 

other than to please dont 

stay other than to stay away 

its okay 

just please dont wait for fate to 

find me 

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