Your Sidewalk

By: Tyree Jackson

My heart is cracked in two because of you.
You stepped on it countless times with
your timberland boots, imprinting your
rotten trees in me.

The black gum you left on my lips
made me submissive to every step you
took—on me.

The dried up bullshit you left on my neck
still smells of the lies you whispered into
my ears at night.

Old roots grown from my eyes—blinded me
from the Lord’s heavenly sight.

The ant hill resting upon my stomach
scared me of my pride to leave you behind.

So in time, I became your turned over trash can;
a fucking host of a tainted man.

You chiseled positive below my waist
and covered me with caution tape.

As you silently slipped away from the crime scene
and vanished without a trace.

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This poem is incredible, Tyree. The imagery here really brings your poem to life. I would love to read more of your poems.


Beautiful poem. A lot of emotion is infused in every word you write and it really takes a life of its own. Love it!


Wow. Very nice

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