Your Path

You stand in the middle of the road,

to the left of you,

down a little ways the road veers right,

off into the great unknown.

To the right of you,

there's a hill

and who knows what could be on the other side.


You have to make the choice,

as to which way you will go.

You don't know what could be down either path,

but you have to choose.


You may know, 

where that path ultimately ends,

but that doesn't mean you will know

exactly what you will have to endure along the way.


The path that may seem eaisiest,

could end up with the most trials.

The path that may seem the most difficult,

could be smooth sailing.


This is what life is...

a series of paths,

that you must continously be choosing

which one to go down.


Not everything will be easy,

but not everything will be difficult.


No matter where you go in life,

there will be struggles,

and there will be victories


Life will bite you in the butt

more times than you can count.

But it will also buy you ice cream at times as well.


 No matter what paths you choose to go down in life,

always remember this...

"Don't take everthing so seriously,

Keep in mind none of us make it out alive

and find something you love and let it kill you"

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