Your Image Is Not Your Own

They tell us who to be.

They decide who belongS where in social ladder climbing as far as a two year old can throw a ball, in other words a short distance or depth wise, shallow. They create your thoughts in simple minded ways like the cluless fathers on your favorite Tv show who dont have the parenting skills to deal with the issues of our crumbling self rightoeus generation today. They mold images of human bodies like claymation figures of the perfect weight, height, mate, eye color, house, car...The American Dream! A fashion driven world presents Build-a-Human Workshop! After they suck the fat from your average body and plaster an ingenuine smile to your Bo-tocs face your only half way there, clothing and accesories come seperatly. But wait, theres more! If you can create your perfect little life fast enough you will be excepted heavily into society as "one of us!" Congrats! The only way to keep up with fashion is to breath it, become IT! Nevermind that you will loved by all to your face and hated by all to your back. You think, because you poured your whole life including money, time, loveless sexual acts, and dont forget your marriage all in the name of fashion, that you MADE IT! Just because you know what colors go Fab with Fushia doesnt mean you work for a living. You work when you sweat and bleed where you shouldnt and you sleep when you die. When you change a life not an outfit in this life time you MADE IT! You have got to slice through those socialist rungs on that screwed up ladder and be YOU! Love you, feel you, touch you, see you as the original person you are, the individual, a human, a person who has a reason, other than pleasing other 'people', to be here. What a way to live, free from the judgmental pole up all of the robots butt holes. You are You, so be IT!


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