Your Identity Lies in the Child You Use dto Be

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 08:18 -- knolfo

Seven years old, standing by her parent’s door,Wishing they wouldn’t argue anymore“That won’t be me, I swear it won’t,”“Love’s a fight, it’s not for me”I don’t want to end up crying on the floor A nine-year old girl, in the shadows,Two people, poised as foes,World ripped apartHer world ripped apartThe yelling began, and she froze Eleven years old, and against the wall,Suddenly, she doesn’t feel so tall,Facing demons no one sees,Her brain screaming at her,“They’re all waiting to see you fall” She’s older now, a bit more bright,As if someone had finally turned on her light, The silence is still too empty,The pain too great to bear,But her spirit has never given up the fight.

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Never Give Up! This is amazing and you are so brave. Never stop fighting, never stop living, and never stop believing in yourself. You are an amazing poet!

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