Your Highness


Every time you look up from your

double-mocha-frap-fat-free-milk-double-pump-hazelnut Starbucks classic 

You give me an ugly look over

My TARDIS shirt, bright shoes,and suspenders must really make you cringe you perfectly manicured nails

you snicker at your Starbucks girls next to you

reminding them how fat I am

                how stupid I look

                 that I'm probably a virgin 

                 because I am so ugly

your Starbuck girls agree and tell you everything you want to hear

How beautiful you are

how your make up's perfect

how stylist you look in maxi dresses

"and that is so hard!" 

Your highness waves them off with a delicate smile

like my math teacher does when someone says "GAY"

Those eyes o f evil look over again taking in the sight

my math book, papers spilled over a half eaten cookie, and a coke bottle standing at attention

your highness stays silent, but one Starbuck takes a chance

"God, what a loser"

the others look up at the rebel, mouths shaped in muted shock

what words from a sheep like you 

your highness looks over at me, than back at her Starbucks carefully

"Let's just go."

They all stand in perfect unison, fixing their mini skirts and high heeled boots

perfect Barbie Dolls.

All at once they surround me,her highness and all, like a lion to a little baby deer

" You know if your going to make people suffer at looking at you, you probably shouldn't try so hard at looking like a complete loser"


"I mean why even try, your never going to get anywhere with those thighs the size of Russia!"

all giggles from her Starbucks around her tight little circle

 They turn to leave, laughing as they go

All those patrons around me look and wait

A Brawl? A Bit Thumb? A Sigh? A Cry? 

none sadly, for them, as they turn around to see me return to my calculations. 

Those words, sights, sounds don't hurt me anymore

because, yes I love geeky sy-fy shows and lots of fan fiction trends, 

but I know that the only thing she tries for is the sleep with every boy of the football team before homecoming

and yes, I study because I'm pretty sure, 

the only thing she studies is the inside of a toilet bowl after a Friday night binge

that I could beat her at anything, 

because yeah, I'm a geek, loser, freak

but in MY world, I'm Queen 

and she's the loser. 






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