Off With Your Head

       Way back when, I saw you as my king, the man of the house. I now see you as a pathetic little boy looking for a sponsor. You havent stayed around long enough to know that I am as delicate as the womb I was born from, but instead of trreasuring wombs you prosecute wounds. You reaplaced sweet seductive kisses with hits and harsh disses, but in my 3 year old, playful brown eyes, you were daddy, and not what reality had contradicted "baby" daddy. Ok, I admit, taking two hours of your already pressed  time to buy me a 20oz. bottle of bubble made up for the continuous disappearing acts, but as you watched me blow til my cheeks got red I've always wondered why every other night a week your eyes would match my cheeks....only shinier. And daddy why do you laugh so hard, what's so funny? Your clothes suddenly smell funny too,but  it must've all been another nightmare because the next morning was almost normal. The following month was my birthday and no matter how much I begged and pleaded for you to just enjoy my ice cream and play tea party you were a no show. All the time in the world couldn't stop the ache that was my heart, nor the liquid saltiness that were my tears, but I realized that you were what my grandma called a bull- faced lie! You didnt want to buy me bubbles, your sidechick sent you to get you some tampons because she put you in check. I can't believe you blew off daddy/daughter time just so you could blow off steam. I thought I was on top of your pedestal ...guess I wasnt the only one enjoying the high. You weren't "at work" the day of my birthday, that was just slang for "locked up", how does it feel now Akon? But it's ok, because If I were to ever see you on the street ...i'd just laugh at the fact you lost your princess, but as the queen of hearts would say: Off with your head, call that a no brainer.


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