In Your Eyes is Rain on the Desert

In your eyes is rain on the desert

A storm growing in power.

First like furtive glances it hides

Then the beauty bubbles out.

And endless blue turns to swirling grey

And the sun is shattered across the clouds

Slender slivers of golden sunlight dance and peek through the storm

Thunder crashes and echoes on dry mountains

The pounding rain and—

A flash


The desert is lit with the crackling spear

And in a blink is gone.

I held my hand against the fury of the storm

And saw in your eyes that burning

Wind stealing the words from my mouth that said:

I love you

The storm flew through me, never slowing for my pleading palm, it only screamed,

Rage and fear and

help me


But the storm gives life

And the desert reaches out its hungry sand and stones and broken

Cactus and flowers

Seeking and searching for water, find it

And bloom

The empty expanse becomes

Sapphire blue and ruby red and sparkling.

A sunset of gems

And green of growing emeralds

Then the barren stream beds weep over sun baked clay


With a whisper, the storm is gone

With a teardrop of rain

With a soft smile

And the sun again burns

And the sky is so blue

Blue, blue, blue that I remember and now

I don't see the beauty in the blue.


For the storm has passed

And now some other sand will drink its life

Will see the beauty through its hate

And feel the wind,

The storm

My storm


The desert reflects the sky imperfectly

Gold sand and silver lightning

Violet petals and yellow sun

And I see your eyes

The blue and grey of stormy skies

The green of life

And the flecks of shattered sun

In your eyes

is rain on the desert.

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