Young Student

Above the brown eyes,

Where colors fade to white

A match it lit, a burning, of ones delight

The eyes burn and shine, singing


A runaway goal to follow,

Inner revolution,

Up and coming,

War, Knowladge, Victory?


It is preperation for a new while holding torn, naked fears

Opportunites deflated,

Fortelling the future years of ones life,

Capabilties, Swimming in doubt

Success, Failure, to settle?


An upper hand on the control of it all

Is the only wish one  has

To beg in the hope for Education

To know, be able to, and Work?


Is it possible to do what one dreams to do

or is it only a dream,

The dream is a labyrinth with barriers and locked doors

Can one live forever in the dream

The Key, the dream, the person?


Who will it be?

I pray it is me

To learn, to see, the dream

become a reality?














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