Young Rebel

Remain stuck, to figure out ways to cross the bridge

Across it, lies the finish line that We cringe for

Be dammed before you dont try and reach it

Have faith in your alliegance

So never fade, We meant it


I speak of the concious words that are lost in our society

put in the same lane as intellects. But  never book smart

its evident, theres knowledge lacking

The devil smacking, each side of the vircinity of faith

one wall broken, he's about to up the pace

Now theres two walls broken, Guess he's about to pull the ace

If that happpens guess, I'll be in a different place


I accept with grace, but pray for better days

Hope for better ways, hope for greener days

The swelling bout' to pop and its insane

Last thread, symbolic of all the pain


Be dammed before you give in

The proper concious is speaking

Young and rebellious thats just what you are then

Young and rebllious meant it on all ends

And with that method you surely must ascend






This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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