a young man


a young man 

walks into my office

hysterically crying 

emotions that words are indescribable to convey 

the feelings he wanted to express

about something eventful that impacted his life


he verbally created an autobiogrpahy to me 

about eventful tragedies that impacted his life

he spoke about how him and his father were very close

a rarity to the male species that a man without no external influences

did not fulfill the expectations of being a dead beat dad

he was a father doing what a man is suppose to do

and that's raising his son to be a good man


he recalls every time when the door knob turned

his father will walk in coming from another day at work

he would walk up to his father, kiss him on the cheek, and a hug him saying bendicion papi

they had the usual conversation of how was school ritual


one month later,

he expected that same door knob to turn

expecting his father to walk in from work

but the door remained shut

he thought it was very unusual, but didn't panic

an hour pass, father never showed up to the door

he starts to worry, calling him worriedly leaving messages on his voicemail

another hous passes by

he just happened to watch tv and changed the channel to the news

to hear what no one ever wants to hear

journalist providing a report that a latino man was shot in the face, at close range

it was identify as the young man's father

it was reported that he was on his way home and a wannabe gangsta, whose life in his eyes offer nothing, but defeat ran up on the father, cock, and squeeze, and shot him one time

doesn't take strength to pull a trigger

as the reporter stated, he was pronounce dead at the crime scene

the walls crashed in on the young man heavily

crying out of disbelief

eviction notice that was posted like facebook messages

instagram photos that went viral

next thing you know , he was kicked out of the apartment

transformation of being homeless without permission

he slept on trains 1 through 7

traveling in all boroughs except staten island

trying to find that comfort zone so he can sleep without being harass by cops

kicked by people who doesn't know nor understand about this young man's struggle to restore his life that is utter chaos


he wanted to be an inspiring actor

he loves to dramatize his emotions full of passion, and fire

his father tells him that he's a drama king, but turn that to a strength


the young man became a lost sheep

bewildered in the wilderness

in this case, lost soul that was fatally shattered

through the tragic loss of his father in which someone offered to help

somewhere along the anorexic body lost from not eating

brain that malfunction momentarily due to not being fed with nurture and education

there was hope

when he came looking for me...............


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