Young Man


Do not fear, young man
Just swallow your pride
Remember this day
As the day that it died

For on this day
Of your now-dead pride
We will remember the time spent
On the wildest of rides

Do not stop, young man
Hold on no more
And ask yourself this:
What are you waiting for?

For on this day
Of your waiting nevermore
The sky will not darken;
Good men won’t go to war

Do not fear, young man
The days are rich with life
You’ve barely started to handle
The smallest piece of strife

For on this day
Of your rough-and-tumble life
Smile and wave
And feel no more strife

Your way is clear
Your purpose now there
Do not fear
You’ve no shame to bear

Yes, you’ve lost the battle;
Yes, it’s uneven in score
But YOU know what happens
When a good man goes to war.


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