Young Love

her heart didnt beat, it crashed like waves
on the shore at four o'clock in the morning. 
i lived for those summers at the beach.
the lamp posts our nightlight, the boardwalk
our jungle gym. you begged me to win
you the life-size scooby doo, and who
was i to refuse. fifty bucks, babe. fifteen
shots and i finally sunk that rigged three
pointer. you spun me around and kissed
me like nobody was watching. the crowd
cheered at our childish antics. oh to be 
young and in love again - untouchable. 
the sunsets matched the color of our skin. 
the sensual yet casual act of lathering 
sun screen across your delicous flesh 
rattled the cage that tamed my inner deamons. 
the memories play back in slow motion 
like the movies. it seems like forever ago 
in this black and white old time photo. 
we were barely eighteen, tearing at the
seems of life and love. it's all my fault,
love, it's all my fault. i still go back every 
year just to hear the beat of your heart
as the waves crash the shore at four in the morning.


Debi Lyn

Nicely worded recollection! Great memory ox

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