Young Lives Lost: 4Trayvon R.I.P


It's a shame to see the crime rate increase,

it's like no one really cares but people like me.

And it's young lives being taken.. or do we NOT see,

In my opinion it's the Justice System that isn't what it's suppose to be,

& yes the criminals are wrong in their doings and it's clear to see.

But what is to come is really caused by the crooked Justice System,

not no Justice for a young black male is at the fault of racism.

At a young age and unarmed,

this child..

was profiled and lost his life.

I never knew that freedom came with that kind of sacrifice.

And now a former classmate just lost her life..

there's talk about a hiden profile..

When we all have one big or small in size,

But if that's the case..

Should we should all lose our lives?



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