Young Icarus and the Bully

Among the halls of Labyrinth High,

Was a freshman who was just a short guy,

Icarus was his name, and he had a rebellious spirit,

However, his father was one who hated it,

Daedalus was overprotective of his son,

The young Icarus, his only one,


As Icarus roamed the halls of the school,

A bully came from out of the blue,

The minotaur, stood 10 feet high,

He was very tough and not nice guy,

Icarus looked at the minotaur, and did what he thought right

Instead of flight, he decided to fight,


He tackled the minotaur, but he didn't fall,

Compared to the minotaur, Icarus was quite small,

The minotaur hit Icarus with a smack,

and due to the impact, Icarus fell back,

Icarus slowly stood up and saw as his nose bled,

That if he continued the fight, he might have been dead,


Icarus ran as fast as he could,

but the minotaur followed, which was no good.

As Icarus saw the approaching minotaur he feared,

His father, from his classroom, soon did appear,

Daedalus sent the minotaur to the principal, and to never come back,

but that wasn't before one of Icarus's bones went crack!


Icarus fell, clutching his arm,

As that's where the beast did his harm,

The minotaur let out a mighty punch,

That made the bones in his arm go crunch.

Daedalus helped up his injured son,

And they went off, to the Hospital of the Sun,


The next week, Icarus returned,

A little wiser as a lesson he learned,

His arm in a cast, due to the fight,

Against a minotaur, now that wasn't bright,

Icarus now wonders what might have been,

If he didn't start a fight, he couldn't win


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