Young Flowers and Young Children

Flowers sit still in the rain that pours nicely through all the night

Thirsty, their petals accept heaven’s tears as clouds hide the light


Footsteps are heard by the roses and tulips who love the sound,

Realizing children – they soon will come splashing by puddled ground


Flowers think lovely their joy, so naïve when they come and sing

Dancing, their stems are no longer still during this stormy spring


Now such a sight is to see when both plants and the humans seam

Life through the sight of an eye and then life of a rooted dream


Both are aware of the other’s magnificent, wondrous glow

Rosebuds are lovely as children are giddy and both still grow


Daylight is hindered while rainfall continues to drench the youth

Youth shares its plantlike appearance with gullible hidden truth


Still entertained by the children and all of their spirits’ glee,

Roses and tulips are satisfied fully and thoroughly


Picture the children are singing and flowers are swaying too

This is an image – a blessing from skies when they lack their hue


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