The Young Christians Anthem

Darkness has nothing to do with light

Weakness has something to do with might

Though they are two opposite

Near each other they sit


What I do is a choice

and also a mighty voice.

It echoes now and after

like a teeth that clatter.


Compromise is a quiet tendency

that has to do with your thoughts intimacy.

When your action calls for mercy

know you had it plenty.


Darkness has no love for light

Because the light exposes her evil might.

No doubt why people hate me

and when they see me leave.


A day is coming

For that day i'm not longing

because many shall be destroyed

and the whole world laid void.


I'ts the day of the lords anger

filled with rage to last longer

Oh, that mighty day

that doesn't anounce itself with a ray.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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My writing for me gets better each time i see it. i rarely get satisfied with my work, i always think to myself, "there is still something i could fix".


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