Young at age

Young at age

Care free to harm 

basketball was passion 

pursuit of happiness 

to its greatest charm.

Young at age 

Less than half a dozen

more than my whole life 

Time took over 

love grew stronger

smile became bigger 

passion took over.

Young at age 

calm headed was key 

not like the average 

but had a stable mind 

keep me on the court 

through major times 

passion became competitive.

Young at age 

above the height

less the athletic 

working hard was the main advantage 

from gallons of sweat 

dripping through my clothes 

Hustling day by day 

Passion never made me question. 

Young at age 

through the years

senior in high school 

last game of season

hold sweat in my eyes

locker room is were I cried

not knowing if it maybe my last goodbye 

passion was all I had. 


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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