You'll Never Know

There's a boy in the attic

Pulling wings off of angels

His brain filled with static

Waiting for the flame

That will burn his world down


No one comes looking here

No one wants to find him

Doesn't matter where he's gone

There's nothing to remind them

No one comes looking here

No one


All he knows is

A slap is a touch

A punch is a touch

The hand that shakes and breaks

And nothing he can do will matter that much


Hiding in the dark

Waiting for a spark

Being pulled apart

By an unseen force


They have rehersaed a thousand times

What they cannot find


All the wingless angles

Surround him asking "why?"

Listening to him cry

In that cold gray room


He dreams his name carved

On a small gray tomb

All alone he sits and waits

For something that must be fate


Why must we hate

Those who come looking


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